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FAQ...let's work out the details and get your Christmas lights up today!

Do you provide lights or will I need my own?

We provide the lights! You'll get exceptional quality with commercial-grade bulbs and wiring.


Do you offer energy-saving LED lights?

Why yes, we do! We prefer LED lights because they run on approximately 80-90% less energy than incandescent lights, are more durable, and they last much longer. The specific bulbs we use are C9 LED with SMD technology - they are the latest and greatest in LED technology. They have a proven track record, use even less power than the older style LED bulbs, are brighter, and look fabulous from all angles.


Helpful tip: In the Treasure Valley, it is very difficult to get an apples-to-apples comparison between different companies - be cautious and ask good questions. Most companies in the Boise area are using C7 LED bulbs which are much smaller and dimmer than C9 LED bulbs OR they are using an older style of C9 LED bulbs with only 3 diodes. Even the 5 diode LED bulbs which were top-of-the-line a few years ago do not stack up against bulbs with SMD technology like the ones we use. Make sure you know what you're getting!


How do you price your projects?

Our prices depend on a variety of factors, which is why we give each and every customer a customized quote. This enables us to give you the best price possible and to tailor the design to your needs - both style and budget.


Will you take the lights down at the end of the season?

Absolutely! And at no additional cost.


Will you store the lights?

You bet! In January, we will schedule a time to take down all of the lights and will carefully store them until next season. Don't worry about the lights taking up space in your garage or attic!


What quality of materials do you use?

As part of our commitment to excellence, we use only top-of-the-line, professional grade materials which we will custom fit to your home or business. Not only does this mean longer-lasting lights...but it also means you are getting an incredible value and beautiful display with all the lights exactly where they should be. We do not use the cheap, plug-and-go light strands that many of our competitors use. We assemble all the materials from scratch and custom-cut them on site during your installation.


Are you insured?

Of course! We have general liability coverage and workers compensation. Don't be shy about asking for proof of coverage - we won't mind!


What forms of payment can I use? When is payment due?

Payment options include cash, check, or online eCheck. Credit/debit card payments are available with a 3% convenience fee. We require a deposit to schedule with the remaining balance due upon installation. 


Why should I use Silver Bells instead of a competitor?

Oh my, where to begin?! With Silver Bells, you can rest easy knowing you've hired top professionals who will do beautiful work and make your life easier throughout every step of the process. We are lighting professionals - not a landscaping company just looking to keep employees busy during a slow season. This is our area of expertise and it shows. We aim to please and our work is 100% guaranteed! We use only top-of-the-line products to make sure your lighting looks stunning and maintenance needs are minimized. You'll never question what your final bill will be. We are upfront with all costs and you'll never get a surprise charge. We promise you'll love what we do - Give us a shot, you won't be disappointed!




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