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Terms & Conditions: All Services

Pricing & Options:
All pricing and options included in a Silver Bells proposal are based on information gathered before and during the lighting design consultation. Any changes made to the property, circumstances, or conditions for the project after the lighting design consultation must be communicated to Silver Bells and may impact the pricing and options presented in the proposal.

Photo Examples or Renderings:

Any photos or renderings provided are for illustrative purposes only; exact results may vary.

Proposal Approval:

To move forward with your project, please select your preferred package. After you have selected your package, please sign the proposal and click "Confirm & Submit". Once we've received your signed proposal, we will be in touch to collect your deposit and discuss any additional upcoming needs for your project.



A non-refundable deposit of 50% is required and must be received before work will be scheduled. Projects including travel or special-order items may require an additional deposit at the discretion of Silver Bells. Once the deposit is paid, any modifications to the project will incur additional costs. Final balance payment is due upon completion of the installation. We accept checks, ACH/e-check, Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover (3% convenience fee applies for card payments on all projects except holiday lighting). Please make payable to Silver Bells, LLC. Invoices will be sent via email.


After a 10-day grace period, a $50 late fee plus 5% per week will apply. Silver Bells will provide payment reminders during the grace period; customer will be notified and a card on file will automatically be charged the remaining balance and late fees at the end of the 10-day grace period. If payment is late or past due, service will be discontinued until payment in full is received by Silver Bells. If payment is declined or checks returned there will be a $35.00 processing fee applied.


Tips are never expected, but always appreciated. 100% of tips go to the installers that completed your project.

Requests for alternative payment terms for commercial projects must be made prior to bid approval; written approval by Silver Bells is required and not guaranteed.


Photo Authorization:

The customer agrees and authorizes Silver Bells to capture and use photo and video content for business and marketing purposes.

Minimum Service Requirements:

Each of our services may have specific minimum pricing, requirements, or conditions that must be met for the service to be provided effectively. These requirements will be communicated to you in advance and must be adhered to in order to ensure the quality and efficacy of the service. Failure to meet these minimum requirements may result in service limitations or adjustments as deemed necessary by Silver Bells.


Limits of Liability:

Although Silver Bells will exercise reasonable care in performing services under this Contract, Silver Bells will not be liable for injuries or damage to persons, property, animals or vegetation, except those damages resulting from gross negligence by Silver Bells. Silver Bells is not liable for preexisting damage. Silver Bells assumes no liability with any electrical issues or damage to the home resulting from electrical issues. Silver Bells uses LED lights which greatly reduce any risk.



Contractors liability under this Contract will terminate and Silver Bells will be excused from the performance of any obligations under this Contract should Silver Bells be prevented or delayed from fulfilling its responsibilities under the terms of this Contract by reasons or circumstances reasonably beyond Silver Bells’ control, including, but not limited to, death, acts of war, whether declared or undeclared, acts of any duly constituted government authority, acts of God, or refusal of Customer to allow Silver Bells access to the property or carrying out the terms and conditions of this Contract.


Cancellation Policy:

If unforeseen circumstances (not limited to the above mentioned description in the “Termination” section), prevents Silver Bells from fulfilling their contractual obligations, Silver Bells will reimburse the homeowner for the remaining balance paid.


In the event of cancellation, Silver Bells will not be liable for additional expenses to the homeowner including but not limited to service costs incurred in hiring another lighting company.


Assent To Service Agreement:

This page (Terms & Conditions), together with the proposal and any attachment(s), if any, sets forth the terms and conditions of service between Silver Bells, LLC and you, and supersedes all other prior or contemporaneous oral or written agreements and understandings.


No oral or other written statements should be construed or relied upon by you as a waiver, modification, or amendment of these terms and conditions of service. No Silver Bells, LLC service technician or other service provider has the authority to waive, modify, or amend these terms or conditions. If any part of this Contract is held to be invalid or unenforceable for any reason, the remaining terms and conditions of this Contract will remain in full force and effect.


Your use of the Services constitutes your agreement to the terms of this Agreement and you acknowledge, and assent that all Silver Bells, LLC products and services (“Services”) are exclusively offered, purchased, and provided subject to these terms and conditions of service. You further acknowledge that Silver Bells LLC does not and would not offer, sell, or agree to provide any service(s) without your assent to these terms.


By utilizing Silver Bells, LLC products and services, I, the Client, certify that I have read and fully understand the provisions on the front and back of this Agreement with all its terms and conditions without limitation, and it being specifically understood that Silver Bells, LLC Services and the undersigned are bound only by the terms and conditions of this Agreement and not by any other representations oral or otherwise.



Terms & Conditions: Permanent Installations


Silver Bells Labor Warranty for Permanent Installations Only:

If a Silver Bells Labor Warranty is included in the project, it will be clearly included on the proposal. If included, the Silver Bells Labor Warranty covers labor costs for repairs or replacements due to failure of the installation, as determined by Silver Bells. Damage or repairs not covered include but are not limited to material failures, theft, vandalism, damage or disruption by animals, tampering or adjustments performed by anyone other than a Silver Bells employee, acts of God, fire, electrical surges, extreme weather, etc. Service calls and repair costs for resolving issues not covered by the Labor Warranty will be billed to the customer accordingly. If the lighting system is worked on by anyone other than a Silver Bells employee, the Labor Warranty is void. Any applicable manufacturer’s warranties will cover replacement of materials but does not cover the associated labor to complete the repair.



Terms & Conditions: Holiday Lighting (All-Inclusive & Labor Only)


All-Inclusive versus Labor Only Holiday Lighting Services:

All Labor Only holiday lighting services will be clearly indicated on the proposal. Only a very small handful of our customers (primarily from our 1st-2nd year in business) have purchased their lights and materials and receive Labor Only holiday lighting services; terms that vary between our All-Inclusive versus Labor Only holiday lighting services are detailed in dedicated sections below. Labor Only holiday lighting services are no longer offered for new projects.

Holiday Lighting Installation & Removal Schedule:

Installation dates will be assigned with reasonable efforts to accommodate customer preferences; specific timeframes will not be given unless deemed necessary by Silver Bells. Scheduling for installations is often done in batches; an installation date may not be assigned immediately after receipt of deposit, but the order in which deposits are received is considered. Installation dates are subject to change; you will be notified of any changes or updates.


Silver Bells will begin their removal process in January and will make every reasonable effort to complete removals in a timely manner. Specific removal dates will not be assigned. Silver Bells will prioritize removal of projects that include C9 lighting, greenery, or custom decor; trees/bushes or projects comprised solely of trees/bushes may be attended to later in the removal process. Customers are permitted to change timer settings or turn the lights off at any time prior to removal if desired. Requests for early or late removals will be accommodated when possible but are not guaranteed.


Customers are neither required nor expected to be present for the installation or removal unless interior access is needed for the project. Gates must be unlocked on the assigned installation date for easy access to all outlet and installation locations. If gates are locked and backyard access is required for removal, customer is responsible for informing Silver Bells prior to December 15th.


Customer Responsibility:

It is the customer’s responsibility to thoroughly review the proposal and confirm that areas of coverage, styles, and/or colors are accurately selected. Silver Bells will install what has been approved on the proposal. After the deposit is paid, any modifications to the project will incur additional costs. All bids are made with the expectation that adequate power supplies and receptacles are available; customer is responsible for maintaining and providing adequate power.


Invoices, details regarding the project, and payment reminders will be sent via email. It is the customer’s responsibility to add “” as an email contact to ensure deliverability. Customers must remain opted into all email and text communications.


Tree & Bush Growth for Renewing Holiday Projects:

Pricing for trees and bushes is determined primarily by the amount of lighting required based on the size of the plant(s) at the time of the original bid and does not account for growth. From year to year, additional lights may be needed to maintain the desired look and style and would increase the cost. Full wraps on trees or bushes have the highest likelihood of requiring annual adjustments; spiral and partial wraps may also require adjustments but can generally tolerate some growth. Silver Bells strongly encourages renewal customers with trees or bushes to submit new photos of the plant(s) prior to approval of the bid so that pricing can be confirmed or adjusted; large projects may request an in-person assessment. If a renewal customer elects to not submit photos for this purpose prior to approving the bid and growth is realized during the installation, Silver Bells will automatically add additional lights and adjust the price accordingly if the addition would result in no more than a 25% increase in the price for the specific plant(s). If the additional lights needed will result in more than a 25% increase in the price, the customer will be contacted to provide approval. If customer is unable to provide approval or direction on how to proceed during the original installation appointment for any reason, an additional fee may apply and any deadlines previously agreed upon will be void. It is at the sole discretion of Silver Bells to determine if plant growth has been significant enough to require additional lights to achieve the same look and style. Properly pruning and thinning plants may help reduce costs associated with growth and should be completed prior to having Silver Bells make growth-related adjustments. Silver Bells strongly prefers to provide pricing adjustments for plant growth prior to bid approval and appreciates customer cooperation with this.


Dates of Operation:

Silver Bells will be closed Thanksgiving Day, December 24th-25th, December 31st, January 1st. If services are desired on these days, you must notify us in advance and an additional fee will apply.



Terms & Conditions: All-Inclusive Holiday Lighting

*does NOT apply to Labor Only items*


All-Inclusive Holiday Lighting - Scope of Work to be Completed:

Services include custom design, use of Silver Bells’ professional holiday lighting materials, installation, maintenance warranty, removal, and storage. The customer understands that Silver Bells is renting the lights to the customer. Silver Bells maintains full ownership of all products and materials including but not limited to extension cords, bulbs, timers, lights, etc.


All-Inclusive Holiday Lighting - Maintenance Warranty:

Maintenance warranty includes repairs or replacements due to failure of the materials or installation within the parameters of normal use, as determined by Silver Bells. Common examples include replacement of expired or faulty materials as well as reattaching lights that have come loose due to normal snowfall or wind. Damage or repairs not covered include but are not limited to theft, vandalism, damage or disruption by animals, tampering or adjustments performed by anyone other than a Silver Bells employee, acts of God, fire, electrical surges, extreme weather (blizzard, excessively high winds, etc.), etc. Service calls and repair costs for resolving issues not included as maintenance will be billed to the customer accordingly. Similarly, please do not attempt to plug any decor not provided by Silver Bells into the display or timer provided; doing so will void the maintenance warranty. Customer is responsible for the cost of replacing any damaged materials. Maintenance warranty applies through December 31st; requests after that date may incur additional costs.



Terms & Conditions: Labor Only Holiday Lighting

*does NOT apply to All-Inclusive items*


Labor Only Holiday Lighting - Scope of Work to be Completed:

Services include installation, removal, and storage. Materials and maintenance are not included. Maintenance required to keep the materials in good working condition will automatically be completed during the installation without additional consent from the customer and the additional cost for the repairs/replacements will be added to the invoice. Common maintenance needs include replacement of expired materials (clips, bulbs, sockets, timers, etc.) or repairs for materials damaged by ice dams, foot traffic, tampering, animals, etc. while they were in the customer’s possession during the previous season. A service fee will apply for all repair or maintenance appointments requested after the installation is completed.

Terms & Conditions

All Services
Permanent Installations
Holiday Lighting (All-Inclusive & Labor Only)
All-Inclusive Holiday Lighting
Labor Only Holiday Lighting
Tree & Bush Growth
Holiday Lighting Install & Removal Schedule
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